INFORMATION ON THE OTHER TWO COMPANIES VIRTUS....ENTERTAINMENT ?....CORPORATION Where is Virtus Corporation? They just conveniently add another word in the middle, Virtus..ENTERTAINMENT..Corporation. They are still, Would you invest in the Corporation? Yes! These idiots did. NXVIEW TECHNOLOGIES MANAGEMENTS? THEIR INVESTOR INFORMATION Principle, Moral and Integrity are very important issues, to support or invest in any Company. Assholes and More Assholes! What is so BIG DEAL about the Corporations when the basic Principle of Morality and Integrity are not behind them! It is an unfortunate embarrassment to those investing in them. PEACE WILL NEVER BE WITH THEM AS LONG AS I LIVE! Unless they changed to... VIRTUE ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION GARIE SIM 25th December 2000 Back | Home | Email