Assisting Kids To Relax By Expanding 
Their Imaginations

All the kids that enroll for my classes are always fun and full of energy.They can be
 funny and amusing when they express themselves with their jokes. Helping the kid 
to relax and adapt to the classroom is an important role for any teacher. It will help 
them to have more concentration in class. 
I sometime creates cartoons with my computer. I also create jokes when I teach 
them clay. It will make the kids relax interacting kids and creating jokes is also good, 
for the quite and shy kid. Creating funny computer graphics and clay creations, help 
them to expand their imaginations. The jokes that I had created always makes
 them laugh. Below are examples, Rishi living it up with his imagination as a Secret
 Agent : License to shoot only with teacher's permission.


Agent Rishi 700

Mission Deep Blue Sea

Agent Printable Logo With License To Shoot


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