Insearch of the illusive monster, I've found it!!

Create a miniature submarine from polymer clay by having a hollow space filled with polyball. In order to achivie a certain degree of buoyancy for the sub, put a tiny screw into the underside of the submarine, then covered it with polymer clay and bake it. Next, cut out a polymer clay base within the indicated diameter of the globe base and create the terrian with the creature, be careful not to cover the hole for filling the water. Bake the scene in the oven.

The finished project should look like above, glued the diorama onto the globe base, placed the sub inside, then cover the base with the plastic globe. Finally, sealed the globe and the base with two parts epoxy glue, let it settle for at least two hour The completed design is ready to fill with water and ready for the action. If you are filling the globe with water add preservative into the water so that it will remain clear all the time.

At last! the finished product, a piece of modern fantasy for your own amusement



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