SAN ZHANG ( Master Monk )

San Zhang ( Master Monk ) was based on the life of a high prist in Tang Dynasty era, dispite insurmountable difficuilties, he when on his own in search of the Scriptures. It took him seventeen years, visiting fifty countries and finally succeeded in bringing into China, the six hundreds volumes of the Scriptures. He even studied Sanskirt in India and managed to translate all the scriptures into the chinese language, making a great contributions to China, in Buddhism.
The novelist Wu Cheng-En, admiration for San Zhang led him to create the novel called "Monkey" in the sixteen century. It became a distintive Mythological Novel of the highest artistic values, treasured by all chinese and the literature world.
The character depicted in Wu's novel " Adventure of the Monkey " was a character who can hardly distinguish the rights from the wrongs. The adventure " Monkey and the White Bone Demon" shows that he couldn't even distinguish the Demon in the form of a young lady, a pitiful old lady searching for her daughter and a old man searching for his wife and daughter. Wu Kong ( Monkey ) can sense and see through the demon in disguised, and was the saviour of many situations. The master mistook his disciple for his action and chant the prayer to subdue the Monkey.
San Zhang flesh was very much a sort after item, by Demons and Monsters, consuming it, will not be old and live forever.
With unity and respect for each other, the Master and the Disciples always clear their way in search of the Scriptures.

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