WU KONG ( Monkey )

Wu Kong ( Monkey ) character is the most daring and decisive in dealing with any situation. A loyal, brave and courageous character, not afraid to face any difficulties. It is precisly these qualities that led him to become King of the Monkeys in the Flower and Fruit Mountain. These characters also enable him to defy the Heavenly Palace, encountering trails after trails, making him to be capable of seeing and doing things in the right perspective.
His seventy two magical powers help him to resolve many situations, during the journeys. He can be subdue only by the Master Monk through the head band by chanting the prayer, the band was given by Goddess of Mercy.

Due to the philosophical out look of the writer, the character Wu Kong cannot escape the five fingers of the Buddha and he was imprisoned in the Five Finger Mountain. In the novel "The Adventure of the Monkey god" he was eventually released by San Zhang and made him the first disciple.

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