In these troubled and uncertain times we are faced with the fear of SARS, a virus that is spreading fast and killing humanity. As hope for a cure is not near, we are stressing our lives with fear. Life is sad and gloomy, unfortunately, we will still have to carry on with our lives and looking forward to a Sars....liberation day. In my mind everyday, I hope that I can kill the virus. Perhap my masks will help,but mostly to cheer everyone up, especially the nurses and doctors fighting on the front line.


Yum....Yum.....Corona virus is yummy gooooood!!


Come any closer, I will butcher you into minced corona!!!


My barrel will not miss any WMD ( War on Mass Disease ) !!




Featured on Channel News Asia on 3rd May and 4th May 2003


War On Sars

Phenomenon Art 1991

Life After Sars 2007



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